Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm always late when it comes to these things

I've finally had enough time to sit my ass down and take a look at what's going on in the world of horror-blogging. My bestfriend Chuck from Zombies don't run has been keeping me updated on this little contest we all know as the Ms. Horrorslut of the year 2009... Oh wait... That's what i refer to it as. My bad. Let's try that again Ms. Horror blogosphere 09.

I'm a female. I have a vagina. No I was not invited to participate in the contest. And before you ask, I would rather overdose than be a part of this contest. You ask why? Let me tell you why my dearest readers.

This is a POP-U-LARITY CON-TEST. Think back to your high school days when voting for Homecoming Queen. Who won? the most popular of them all. This contest has absolutely nothing to do with how good the girls blogs are. Don't try and tell me what they write has something to do with it. IT. DOES. NOT. If no one reads your blog you aren't going to win. Sucks to be you. You shouldn't have entered, go be a girl and cry about it. Who is going to win? If you have to ask that you don't keep up on what's going on. The reigning queen of horror BJ-C is going to win. POPULARITY PEOPLE POPUFUCKINGLARITY.

Why the fuck does it matter who the hell the girls want to fuck. It's a fun question but NO ONE CARES. I want to know how much time the girl spends for her blog. How much money they spend on it (renting/buying movies, etc). I want to vote for the girl whose blog DESERVES to win. I don't give two shits on what the bitch looks like, how big her tits are or what dick she wants. I want to know who writes the BEST blog. They should have kept the pictures hidden until the winner was announced that way any ugly contestants had even a SMALL chance of winning. Everyone knows ugly girls don't get anywhere unless they suck a good dick.

Just being honest people.

Let me be a little bit more honest. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHO ALL ENTERED. I've never heard of 18 out of 20 blogs entered. I don't care. I put my vote in and so did a whole bunch of my friends. I'm good like that and I voted for some blog I've never even been too. Everyone needs a little chance.

Let me be SUPER honest. B-Sol is running it and we ALLLLL know he has a thing for the ladies, a BIG thing for horror ladies. I can be a first hand account of that. So it wouldn't surprise me if he's out there looking for the next female horror blogger to fall in love with. When the wife ain't doing it for you, why not go for a girl whose dyinnggggg to break into horror-blogging FAME AND POPPPULARITTYYY. If you can play that roll better than I can WORD UP!

This isn't a stab to the contestants themselves since I don't know them and I'm actually FRIENDS with BJ-C, but to just the contest itself. Can't we people of the horror universe just continue to blog about movies without popularity contests? Answer: NO clearly B-Sol has decided to pitch vagina against vagina in an all out war to find out who tops the lot of the female horror bloggers.

To quote Brand New's 'Last chance to lose your keys' "This isn't high school, this isn't high school, this isn't high school......"

Let's just pray to god the winner doesn't attempt to do a MR. horrormanslut of the year 2009 contest.