Monday, June 22, 2009


I finally sucked it up and made this.

The name of my blog has...absolutely nothing to do with horror. I'm trying to change it up a bit. It doesn't help I'm not creative and wasn't going to figure out a name to save my life.

I'm nineteen years old. but that DOES NOT I repeat does NOT mean I have absolutely no idea what i'm talking about and doesn't mean I've never watched a good horror film.

This won't be your normal blog. I won't have normal things, no themes, everything will just come and my brain spews things out. I'll throw non-horror related things into the mix, and I'll even bring my friend Jamie in to tell you guys why the hell she's terrified of Chucky.

Since I'm leaving for Virginia Beach tomorrow, I won't update this much until I come back.

So until then....

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