Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fear house

So after my favorite person left me to go to bed early this morning, I glided into my living room and plopped my ass on the couch on the search of a late night horror film to watch. I got stuck with Fear House [2008ish] Leave it to Chiller!

Never miss the first 15 or so minutes of a movie, it makes the rest of it confusing. Judging from the rest of the movie, I didn't miss much, if anything. Something about people go to a house and sinister forces won't let them leave. Something about using peoples fears against them. Something about a psycho freaky-ass writer, and her brother, his girlfriend, some other guy and god knows who else.

It was clearly an indie film, and they tried real hard. I almost didn't finish watching it. TV movies, every five minutes you're stuck with comercials, making it 2 hours long. Not worth my time. but I sat my ass down and watched the whole thing. The effects were really bad. They tried so hard. They really did. One girl went threw a window....but only her head got cut off...and the body didn't exit the window? A clearly fake headless body was spouting blood. just...bad. Another girl who was terrified of fire gets super burnt after a gas stove BLEW fire on her...but didn't blow up. Which doesn't happen, but when a ghosts involved it does. and the fake burned body looked more like a fake mumified monkey head attached to a stick with clothes on. That's the best way I can describe it. This was also at about a quarter to four in the morning. So who knows what I was seeing at that point.

The point of the movie which I never caught onto, was something about a brother and sister get a house...and the creepy psycho writer sister won't leave. She came up with some story about a little girl locked in the basement. But it wasn't true...then it was...then it wasn't. it wasn't consistant. I STILL DON'T KNOW IF IT WAS TRUE. Everyone but the brother ended up dying, but then he did die? and was stuck in the house to tell the story, and he was a ghost? or he could show himself to people if they broke in and kill them? FUCK IF I KNOW THE MOVIE HAD TO FUCKING ENDING.

If you've watched this movie YOU explain it to me. If you haven't, don't ever watch it! Even if it's so save your life.

...I mean, i guess they tried didn't they?

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