Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Say wha?

What the hell is this?

Say what? Of course you can't hold any sort of hope for anything written by Entertainment Weekly... Vampire list anyone?

The fact that Hostel 2 was on it in the first place killed me, that was probably the worst sequel to a movie I've ever seen. Speaking of sequels Alien 3? 28 WEEKS later?

oh oh oh DARKMAN? Mr. Raimi I love you, but I do not love Darkman.

Congrats for The Descent, and Shaun of the Dead, [even though I haven't watched you. I refuse too. Not the point] for making it onto the list. Also, including Ringu and NOT it's american counterpart. I'm proud of them.

The newest movie on their list is of course the ever-so-wonderful Drag Me to Hell which my friends and I enjoyed very much. I'd like to say it's the movie that kicked off a good string of horror movies. [excluding The Collector].

The number 1 was an Asian horror film. Sorry but my foreign film knowledge doesn't stream that far over, and honestly I've never heard of it, not even from the grapevine. Which is interesting.

I think they throw a bunch of idiots in a room and tell them to make a list. Throw myself, a horror virgin, a raccoon, a monkey in a room together with a case of beer, and we could come up with a better list.



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  2. Whoa. Definitely check out Audition if you haven't. It's a mindfuck.