Friday, August 21, 2009

Surprise, surprise

The Wolfman trailer debuted yesterday and took the horror community by storm. As I said on my twitter page it pretty much raped me. I was so intensely watching it I jumped. Twice. Not something I do often anymore.
I could give two shits about the CGI transformation to be honest. I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've ever be in favor of CGI in a horror film. Probably because I wasn't watching it to rip it apart, I watched it out of curiosity.  Not too long ago I verbally stated that I refuse to see it, but now I'm having second thoughts. Maybe all the set backs were worth it, and they saved the movie.

The whole point of this post was to state that someone is writing a guest post. I have no idea who, or what about, but I'm lazy, next week is finals I'm about to fail a class, and I have a portfolio presentation. So next week it too stressful to think about posts, and plus my best friend is saving me tomorrow and taking me to the AI tour so I can make fun of Adam Gaybert. 

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